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Witty Fake Photoshop Ads Poke Fun At Overly Photo-Edited Ads In Magazines

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East Carolina University student Anna Hill created a series of funny fake ads for Photoshop that make fun of the heavily photo-edited imagery found in magazine advertising.

Made as part of her final project for an advanced digital photography class, these parody ads are a sarcastic response to the incredible amount of manipulation that goes into ads for the beauty and fashion industries.

Trying to sell Photoshop as an “all-in-one beauty” kit with new “limb lengthening serum” feature, Hill has also cheekily portrayed the photo-editing software as a helpful tool for keeping happy marriages.

These fake ads have received very positive feedback since the were put on Reddit—what do you think of them?


Check out more of Hill’s work on her website.

[via PetaPixel]
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