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The ‘Hoodsie’, A Ridiculously Comfortable Onesie Made For Adults

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There is no reason why babies should be the only ones who get to enjoy the comfort of spending the day in onesies—introducing the “Hoodsie”, a onesie for adults that is designed to be not embarrassing.

Made of 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton, the Hoodsie is the perfect thing to spend a lazy winter day in—with its less baggy fit and flattering cut, its creators even went so far as to call it “the onesie you can leave the house in”.

Available in in three versions—Lightweight Pima, Midweight Pima and Heavyweight & Liquid Lame Pima—they come in a variety of unisex style and colors.

The Hoodsie is currently sourcing for funding on Kickstarter. From the response—the campaign has already achieved about US$12,500 out of its US$15,000 goal with 27 days to go—it would seem that many think that an adult onesie is a good idea.

You can pledge for the Hoodsie here.


[via Kickstarter]
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