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Nendo Reinvents The Chopsticks With Its New Two-In-One Designs

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Design by Oki Sato, photography by Akihiro Yoshida

Japanese design team Nendo has given the humble chopsticks a classy redesign.

In the first design, Oki Sato was inspired by the shape of the double helix, which allows the user to link two chopsticks together to become one.

The other design cleverly positions magnets of different polarities on each end of the chopstick, allowing them to interlock together when not in use. This was also done so that the chopsticks would not stick together while being used to pick up food.

These simple designs also solve the problem of rifling through the drawer to find the other matching chopstick.


Design by Oki Sato

Design by Oki Sato

[via Spoon And Tamago]
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