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Couple Mocks Gender Stereotypes In Witty Engagement Photos

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Instead of assuming done-to-death traditional poses for their engagement shoot, engaged couple Marian and Elliot decided to switch things up by poking fun at gender stereotypes in their photos.

According to Marian in a post for Offbeat Bride, the couple discussed doing gender-swapping spoofs such as having Elliot’s leg cocked while they kissed, and having Elliot drag her body into the woods instead of leading her through a grassy meadow.

They roped in their photographer friend Malia to capture their hilarious antics around San Francisco, and the results are a series of funny, unconventional shots that make for a unique and memorable wedding gift.

Scroll down to view more pictures of the goofy pair.


[via 22 Words, reinterpreted images by Malia Moss]
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