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Colorful Faceless Watches That Vibrate To Mark The Passing Of Time

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Logically, time passes at a fixed rate. However, as most of us would have experienced, time can actually slow down or speed up depending on what we are doing—for instance, we tend to feel that workdays pass slower than the weekends.

To highlight this subjectivity of time, Lars Marcus and Theo Tveteras Vedeler of creative studio Skrekkøgle have created the colourful, faceless Durr watch, which is more of a bracelet that vibrates every five minutes to “investigate our sense of time passing”.

Available in five bright hues, only 50 Durr watches were handmade by Marcus and Vedeler in Oslo—they are now up for sale at the Shrekstore.

While it would not work very well for telling time, it may be a useful device for reminding us to stop procrastinating, because time is slipping away in neat 5-minute portions.


[via Fubiz]
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