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A Business Card That Functions As A Mini Keyboard

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Custom key company TechKeys has created a sophisticated business card that can be turned into a mini keyboard.

The card is actually a printed circuit board (PCB) that can be hacked with soldering equipment to enable keys to be attached to it. It connects to a computer via a USB cable and the pre-programmed keys direct to the TechKeys website or Facebook page, while a separate key launches an email client.

TechKeys founder Brad Agdern’s inspiration for the innovative card stemmed from an obsession with business cards; the company has previously produced hologram and laser-cut metal cards. He constantly looks for new sources of inspiration and revealed that he has plans to create similar cards for other professions.

Agdern said in an interview with NetworkWorld, “I love a card that serves a function that pertains to the card owner’s practice. I saw a musician’s card that plays music when run through a music box. There was a locksmith that had a card that dissembles into a lock pick.”


The high-tech business card retails at US$12 and can be purchased here.

Check out a video of the card in action below. Would you buy this high-tech business card?

[via PSFK and NetworkWorld, images via NetworkWorld]
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