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In Indonesia, There Is A Volcano That Spews Out Blue Lava

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Located in Java, Indonesia, the Kawah Ijen volcano produces luminous blue lava. Surrounded by other volcanoes, this natural wonder houses the world’s largest turquoise-colored acidic lake, which is made of sulphuric acid and accounts for the lava’s blue glow.

During the day, the volcano is seemingly ordinary—at night, the glow of the blue lava emerges, flaring up in columns that may reach five-meters.

The lake is also a sulphur mine where workers transport 160-200 kilograms of sulphur a day. They are paid US$0.05 cents for a kilogram of sulphur, and inhale the toxic gases while working.

Olivier Grunewald, who took these photographs, had to wear a gas mask and lost two camera lenses while shooting. He also had to discard his clothes once he was done.

Scroll down to view more images of this beautiful but toxic volcano.


[via Oddity Central and Yahoo News]
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