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An Instagram Account That Pairs Clothes With Art Exhibits

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Brooklyn-based designer and fashion blogger Pari Ehsan has an Instagram account where she creatively pairs clothes with art exhibits in museums.

Each photo shows Ehsan dressed in an outfit that matches the artwork on display. In one photo, she poses in front of a stained glass artwork dressed in a bright turquoise shirt and peach-colored shorts to complement the vibrant jewel tones of the piece. Another photo shows her clad in a canary yellow top and comic strip print skirt while standing in front of a colorful abstract art piece.

The photos are accompanied with descriptions of her outfits as well as the respective artist of each artwork. Ehsan also posts detailed write-ups of each photo on her site explaining how she picks out her outfits.

Aside from the fun that goes into dressing up, her photos show off her finesse for fashion and make her stand out from the sea of fashion bloggers.

Check out more of Ehsan’s clothing and art pairings below.


[via BuzzFeed, images via Pari Ehsan]
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