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A T-shirt Designed To Keep You From Slouching

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Not only is good posture good for bone and circulatory health, standing up straight also makes us look better and more confident.

Noticing that a lot of people go about their day in a slouch, the team at Paris-based UpCouture has created the “Up T-shirt”, which “encourages the holding of the shoulders in a beautiful position, which results in a higher and more appealing profile”.

Using an innovative and patented set of elastic bands, the Up T-shirt reminds its wearer that their shoulders ought to be held in a straight, beautiful position—the elastic bands are integrated into the t-shirt in a way that allows it to be comfortable and flexible.

A lot of research went into the making of this garment, and this shows up on the price-tag—available in a variety of fits and colors, these posture-enhancing t-shirts would set you back 127 Euros to 150 Euros a piece.

Watch the video below to learn more about how they are made.


[via Inhabitat]
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