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Amazingly Realistic Stacks Of Newspapers & Comics Carved From Wood

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Artist Randall Rosenthal carves stunning realistic stacks of old newspapers, magazines, comic books, and other objects from wood.

Each sculpture is carved from a single piece of Vermont white pine and carefully painted with acrylic paint to recreate the look and feel of weathered paper, newsprint, and crisp currency notes. With their amazingly convincing details and textures, they are so life-like that it is almost impossible to tell that they are sculptures unless one touches them. They are made all the more impressive as Rosenthal works from memory without any photographs or models to guide him.

A graduate of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Rosenthal started out creating surrealist paintings from the late 1960s until the late 80s, after which he moved on to architectural design before focusing on his realistic sculptures today.

View some of his creations below and check out Bernarducci.Meisel.Gallery for more of his work.


“Cuban Cigar Box”

“Hush Money #11”





“Guy Sections”




“Duke Snyder”

[via This Is Colossal, images via Randall Rosenthal and Bernarducci.Meisel.Gallery]
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