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Fantastic, Strangely Wearable Origami Dresses Folded From Large Pieces Of Paper

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German designer Jule Waibel was recently commissioned by fashion brand Bershka to create 25 of her signature paper origami dresses, to be displayed in 25 stores around the world.

Each of the stunning, colorful dresses has been hand-pleated by Waibel to fit the female body—while they are no doubt strongly sculptural with their sharp edges and ridges, there is also an unexpected fluidity to their unusual forms.

Waibel used various vibrant color gradients, graphics and patterns to represent the exhibiting cities—she has also taken care to veer away from the stereotypical hues and motifs associated with these places, which gave her creations a refreshing touch.

For instance, the Berlin dress features a quirky print made up of black and orange fish, while the one displayed in Singapore is in a burnished bronze shade.

Amazingly, Waibel and her team managed to construct all 25 dresses in just 8 days at their studio in Barcelona.

View more images of the designer’s latest collection of wearable art over here—the dresses would be installed in the participating stores until 31 January 2014.


[via Dezeen]
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