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Quirky, Morbid Illustrations Of People’s Deepest, Darkest Fears

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Submitted by Lizzie

Deep Dark Fears is a Tumblr blog by artist and animator Fran Krause devoted to illustrations of the deepest, darkest fears we carry within us.

Funny, disturbing, and relatable, Krause takes readers’ submissions of their childhood fears and fantasies and turns them into horrifying scenarios of people slipping on icy pavements and impaling their eyes on sharp iron fences, fingers being sliced off by ice skates, and being pulled into space by a reversal of gravity. Krause also illustrates his own quirks and obsessions, such as his musings on developing carpal tunnel syndrome from drawing too much, and imagining seeing and hearing scary things at night.

Scroll down to view more of his drawings and check out more at Deep Dark Fears. Is your fear illustrated below?

Submitted by thisismyideaofhumor


Submitted by miaumiou

Submitted by huskerdylan

Submitted by nicolasandthediamonds

Combination of Krause’s fear and a fear by gorunningwithscissors

Submitted by citizenpioneer

[via Deep Dark Fears]
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