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Exquisitely Extravagant Jewelry Collection That Is Inspired By The 7 Deadly Sins


Renowned jewelry designer Stephen Webster has created a show-stopping collection of gemstone-studded cocktail rings and pendants inspired by the age-old Seven Deadly Sins.

These extravagant trinkets are beautifully hand-crafted with a variety of precious stones, including tanzanite, peridot, fire opal, aquamarine, amethyst, red garnet and diamonds.

Each piece in the collection is a creative stylized depiction of the deadly sin that it is representing—for instance, the “Sloth” ring features a “plush pink pillow of passivity” while the “Pride” ring is adorned with peacock feathers.

Prices for these exquisite jewelry range from £15,000 to £98,000—click here to view images of the entire collection.




[via Beautiful Life]
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