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A Disturbingly Hairy Typeface That Looks Like It's Made Of Human Flesh

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French creative director JC Debroize has designed a creepily human-like typeface for design studio Kerozen—the letters seem to have been made out of human flesh and skin, complete with hair and eyes.

Created for the calendar that the studio prints for clients each year, the typeface consists of the seven letters that spell out “Kerozen”—the letters are based on photographs of members in the design team.

As told to Fast Co. Design, Debroize “first made the letters in old-school 3-D with modeling clay” before he “made a mapping of skin textures on the letters with Photoshop and added the hair and the eyes”.

These letters were not only made more realistic by the addition of life-like hair and eyes, but also with the use of details like pores, lines and even moles.

Scroll down to view the entire collection of the “Human Type”—do you find this funny or disturbing?


[via Abduzeedo]
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