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McDonald’s Reveals How Its Chicken McNuggets Are Made

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Pink goop claimed to be made into chicken Mcnuggets

To prove that its chicken McNuggets are not made from the pink goop we’ve seen on the internet, McDonald’s Canada released a behind-the-scenes video of its nugget-production facility in Ontario, Canada.

According to the video, the McNuggets are actually made from fresh chicken breast meat. The chicken breast is first ground up together with chicken skin and seasoning. After which, it is shaped and covered with a light and heavy batter.

Once coated with the batter, they are par-fried, frozen, and finally shipped to McDonald’s outlets to be cooked and served to customers.

Has your mind been put to rest? Will you start eating chicken McNuggets again?

Click to watch the video below to find out more:

Made from chicken breast meat

Meat before grinding


Ground up breast meat

Mixed with chicken skin and seasoning

The mixture

McNuggets are shaped…


And par-fried

Skin is cooked, raw on the inside

Packed and shipped to McDonald’s outlets

[via McDonald’s Canada]
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