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Japanese Photographer Shows How To Pretend You Are Kissing A Girl

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We have previously featured Keisuke Jinushi’s tutorial teaching you how to pretend that you have a girlfriend. With Valentines’ Day coming up, the self-professed “perpetual loner” has upped the ante—his new tutorial teaches single guys how to pretend that they are kissing a girl in front of the camera.

Like his previous tutorial, Jinushi applies foundation and nail polish on his left hand and fingernails—this will make his hand look more “feminine”, making the photograph more believable.

He then sets up his tripod, holds the wig in his right hand and places his left hand on his face. Jinushi also adds a convincing facial expression as the timer goes off.

The photographer even encourages you to take these pictures in public, to make it more authentic—it seems like this eccentric project is not for the wallflowers because passers-by will definitely be staring.

What do you think—is this creative or creepy?


[via Rocket News 24]
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