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Thought-Provoking Photos Of Youths Swapping Clothes With Their Elderly Relatives

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The clothes we wear go a long way in determining how others perceive us, and also how we perceive ourselves. For young people, fashion is a particularly popular way for self-expression.

Singaporean artist and photographer Qozop’s latest photo series “Spring-Autumn” shows a group of youths swapping outfits with their elderly relations, exchanging their trendy get-ups for more conservative clothes and even traditional ethnic wear.

After first photographing the subjects in their own clothes, the artist got them to switch outfits before shooting them again, creating amusing and thought-provoking mirror portraits.

Exploring the issues of identity and age, this projects hints at how clothes can really maketh the man to a certain extent.

View the rest of the images from the series below—how do you think you would look like in your mother’s or grandfather’s clothes?


[via Qozop]
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