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Sony Creates A 'Bottled Walkman' In Order To Reach Sports Enthusiasts

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To release their new underwater, swimmer-friendly MP3 players, Sony and their advertising agency, DraftFCB has come up with the Bottled Walkman.

To showcase the waterproof function of this MP3 player, Sony sold these Walkman sets immersed in a bottle of water.

This Walkman allows swimmers to listen to music while they are swimming laps in the pool. With a specific target audience of swimmers, it was even more crucial for the brand to ensure that their intended audience got to experience the product.

Keeping that in mind, Sony embarked on a smart product placement idea: to sell these MP3 players in vending machines at gyms and pool complexes where swimmers gathered.

The work definitely paid off, with news channels picking up the story of this unique marketing idea.

Watch how they did it below:


[via Branding Magazine]
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