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In China, There Is An Underwater City That Lies Beneath A Lake

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The Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang, China has a little secret—an underwater city lies in its depths.

Discovered in 2001, archaeologists found 265 arches in the preserved ruins. The city is approximately the size of 62 football fields and its ancient architecture seems to transport us to the past as it has been relatively well-preserved.

Dubbed “Lion City”, or “Shicheng” in Mandarin, this city was built in the Later Han dynasty in 208 AD. The city gets its name from the “Five Lion Mountains” that were allegedly located behind it.

This majestic wonder lies 26 to 40 meters beneath the surface, and is now a dive site for those who would like to get a closer look.

Are you adventurous enough to make a trip beneath the lake’s surface to visit this wonderful ancient city?


A view of Qiandao Lake on the surface.

An aerial view of the islands

[via Avaxnews, images via Fubiz]
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