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Poster Ads Declare That Sexual Consent Must Be Made ‘Loud And Clear’

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There has been a lot of discussion about rape in the media recently, and Students Nova Scotia, a coalition of campus organizations in Canada, has come up with a series of ads about consensual sex.

In these posters, the negative space threatens to envelop small words like “sure” and “fine”, capturing the reluctance of some people when consenting to sex. The message at the bottom states, “If it is not loud and clear, it’s sexual assault.”

“Real consent is mutual and sure. It is not muted, frail, hesitant, or afraid. It is never uncertain, assumed, or silent,” the campaign stated on its website, More Than Yes. The site also links to support groups that will help individuals who have been sexually assaulted.

Executive Director Jonathan Williams hopes that this campaign “will be informative about everyone's responsibility to receive clear consent from their partner, without coercion, before engaging in sexual activity.”


What do you think—is this campaign effective in bringing this message to everyone?

[via Adweek]
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