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A Tiny Manhattan Micro Loft Apartment Transformed Into A Stylish, Spacious Home

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A tiny Manhattan micro loft apartment divided into four levels

New York-based firm Specht Harpman Architects has turned a tiny 425-square-feet Manhattan micro loft apartment into a stylish, spacious home.

Located on the top level of a six story building, it features a narrow vertical layout not unlike this similar apartment in Madrid. The firm made use of four separate “living platforms” to accommodate all the necessities of apartment life, while ensuring it remains spacious and open.

A small bathroom is located on the bottom floor under a staircase, which has multiple storage compartments built into it. The kitchen opens up into the living room, with white cabinets and countertops maintaining a bright and airy feel. The simple design prevents the area from looking untidy and cluttered, creating the illusion of more space.

The first flight of stairs takes you to the bedroom, which is supported on steel beams and seems to float above the living room below. The bed frame comes with a night stand and a cabinet behind the bed stores magazines and books. More storage compartments are hidden under a second set of stairs which leads to the rooftop garden.

Every inch of space has been creatively utilized to make the most of the limited area, with each “room” dissolving into the next to create a seamless flow. The lack of walls and doors ensures the apartment doesn’t feel cramped, while the built-in features mean only a few pieces of furniture like a couch, coffee table, bed and side chair are needed.

What do you think of the design? Would you like to live in such an apartment?


A small bathroom is hidden under a staircase on the bottom floor

The kitchen opens up into the living room

White cabinets and countertops give the area a bright and airy feel, and the simple design prevents it from looking untidy and cluttered

Storage compartments are hidden under the staircase next to the bathroom

The bed is supported on steel beams which make it seem as though it is floating above the living room below

The view from the rooftop garden

A rendering of the apartment

[via Design Milk]
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