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Visually Arresting ‘Exploding’ Portraits Of Film & Pop Culture Icons

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Audrey Hepburn #4

Spanish artist and illustrator Lola Dupre has an on-going series of ‘exploding’ portraits of film and pop culture icons created with paper and glue.

Dupre cuts each portrait into small triangular pieces and carefully arranges them to form a collage. The shards spread out from a focal point, creating a visually arresting exploding effect. Displaying incredible skill and technique, her unique method adds an interesting dimension to the familiar images of well-known film stars and iconic figures.

Check out some of Dupre’s portraits below and view more at her website.

Exploded Jane Fonda


Exploded Louise Brooks

Exploded Marilyn Monroe #4

Semi-Exploded BB

Exploded Judy Garland

Cleopatra I

[via Ignant, images via Lola Dupre]
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