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Food Artist Recreates Michelangelo’s Masterpiece With Cake Sprinkles

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Food artist Michelle Wibowo, whom we have previously featured, has taken on Michelangelo’s iconic Renaissance masterpiece, ‘The Creation of Adam’, and recreated it entirely out of edible decorations.

Commissioned by baking company Cake Angels, the artwork measuring 5.7 by 2.8 meters was made to commemorate the 450th death anniversary of Michelangelo.

It took the award-winning artist a whopping 168 hours to complete the project, including three days of sketching, 10,000 marshmallows, half a billion cake sprinkles and a kind of edible glue mixture made of icing sugar, butter and vanilla frosting.

Want to see how she did it? Check out the video and images below.


[via My Modern Met, images via Michelle Wibowo]
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