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Underwater Photographs Of Filipino Divers Protecting The Country’s Reefs

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Photographer Luciano Candisani has taken photographs of Filipinos taking care of the country’s reefs in the Danajon Bank. It is said that almost all pacific marine life evolved from these reefs, making them an important part of the underwater eco-system.

In some of these photographs, children are looking for nudibranch eggs, while another man is farming seaweed to sustain life there.

The Danajon Bank is one of the few double reef systems in the world and stretches for 90-miles. These reefs are the main source of the locals' income—yet, they have suffered the effects of overfishing and many species of wildlife are now extinct.

As such, the locals are now turning to more sustainable practices to protect what is left of these natural wonders.

These photos are a part of Project Seahorse and the International League of Conservation for photographers—to find out more, you can follow them on Tumblr.


Get a glimpse of these inspiring photographs below.

[via Awkward Situationist and Luciano Candisani]
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