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In Japan, Toasted Pudding-Flavored Kit Kats That You Can Enjoy At Home

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Earlier this year, the world’s only specialty Kit Kat boutique in Japan introduced a baked cream cheese flavor that elevated the famous chocolate snack into a fancy “gourmet” treat.

To allow people to enjoy delicious toasted Kit Kats in the comfort of their own homes, the ever-creative Japanese would be releasing the “baked pudding-flavored Kit Kats” that are made to be popped into the oven before they are consumed.

Simple instructions on how to toast the Kit Kats can be found on the new product’s packaging—if you require more help, watch the instructional video below.

According to Kotaku, regular chocolate Kit Kats can be toasted too—just keep an eye on the oven because if the chocolate sticks on in it for too long, they can go up in flames.

Would you like to try this new pudding-flavoured toasted Kit Kats?


[via Kotaku, images via Gigazine]
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