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Artist Creates Gruesome Birthday Cake Of A Face Splitting In Two

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To surprise her boyfriend on his birthday, San Francisco-based artist Vicky Knoop decided to create a birthday cake based on a gruesome split-face scene from the 1984 sci-fi horror film The Thing.

The result is an absolutely creepy confection made of sculpted and painted flesh-colored fondant over rice crispy treats, complete with rotting teeth, eyeballs and a long, horribly-contorted tongue.

She said, “Initially I wanted to do the cryogenically frozen head of Commander Powell from ‘Dark Star,’ but a couple of friends said it was too esoteric, and were right. So talking it over, figured out that The Thing would be somewhat more recognisable.”

It took more than sixteen hours to complete, but it was polished off a lot quicker than that.

Check out the video and images below.


[via Laughing Squid, images via Vicky Knoop]
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