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Daredevil Photographer Balances Atop Iconic Buildings To Capture Stunning Images

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25-year-old photographer Lucinda Grange is a daredevil who has scaled some of the world’s highest and most iconic structures like the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Chrysler Building and Manhattan Bridge, all for the sake of her art.

Evading security guards, her photos are often taken balanced at the ‘top’ or the ‘edge’ of the world, looking down at the bustling world below or out into the glittering horizon of lights.

She said, “I am realistic, I know I’m nothing special, I’m of equal worth to every other man or woman, but through travel and adventures I get to witness special moments, special views and special environments… if only to share with you, so you can experience the adventure from the comfort of your soft seat in your warm home as you sip coco.”


[via Juxtapoz Magazine, images via Lucinda Grange]
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