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A ‘Heartbreak Box’ That Helps You Get Rid Of Your Ex-Lover’s Belongings

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Japanese company Brandear has come up with an innovative service that lets the broken-hearted erase all remnants of their failed relationships.

The ‘Heartbreak Box is a cardboard box that is specially designed for you to ship your former lover’s belongings in. It also helpfully contains a Heartbreak Guidebook, tissues and bubble wrap that will come in handy when sorting through your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend’s items.

For every ‘Heartbreak Box’ the company receives, it will donate 100 yen (around US$1) to an NGO that supports pregnant women and couples in developing countries. In addition, Brandear will conduct a formal appraisal of the items received and compensate you accordingly.

For the jilted, this is a creative way to get closure, earn a bit of money, and do some good at the same time.

Find out more about the ‘Heartbreak Box’ here.

Order the ‘Heartbreak Box’


Once the box arrives, break the heart-shaped seal to open it

Check that it contains all the necessary items: 1. The box, 2. The Heartbreak Guidebook, 3. Tissues, 4. Bubble wrap 5. Guide to using the ‘Heartbreak Box’, 6. Courier label for shipping

Put any items that remind you of your previous relationship into the box

Bid farewell to your ex-lover’s belongings

Receive some closure and monetary compensation from your failed relationship

For every ‘Heartbreak Box’ received, Brandear will donate 100 yen to help pregnant women and couples in developing countries

[via RocketNews24, images via Heartbreak Box]
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