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Infographic: 31 Different Ways Of Preparing Coffee Around The World

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There are many ways of preparing coffee. In Italy for example, coffee is sometimes consumed with a slice of lemon, while in Austria, it can be drank with an egg yolk mixed in. The possibilities are endless (if taste isn’t a factor).

To show you how the rest of the world prepares their coffee, travel website Cheapflights has created an insightful infographic titled ‘Around The World In 31 Coffees’.

In Spain, a ‘Café Con Miel’ is prepared with cinnamon, steamed milk, a shot of espresso and honey, and in Hong Kong, a ‘YuanYang’ is made with condensed milk, black tea and coffee.


Besides introducing you to new ways of making your cuppa, the infographic also points out neat coffee trivia about various countries.

To find out more, check out the infographic below. Which coffee recipe would you like to try?

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version

[via FoodBeast]
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