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A New Design Standard For Subway Maps To Make Them More Consistent Worldwide

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In an ambitious attempt to standardize the design of subway maps all over the world, Paris-based architect Jug Cerovic has created the INAT system and redesigned the metro maps of 12 cities along its guidelines.

To unify the diverse styles of the various subway maps, he used the same colors and symbols for transfer points on all the INAT maps—the part-time map designer also enlarged the city centers to make room for the multiple lines and connecting stations that are found in them.

The designer used different shapes in the maps to give the reader a sense of how each one is laid out—for instance, while Mocow and Paris appear as a circle, New York City features regularly spaced parallel lines to represent its gridded streets.

The aim of the project is to make these maps more consistent to one another and in so doing, make them easier to understand—knowing your way around a foreign subway system would probably make travel less stressful.

Learn more about the INAT subway mapping system and view all the maps in the series here—do you like how uniform these maps look or do you prefer the uniqueness of the existing maps that are being used around the world?


These redesigned maps are available for purchase here in three sizes.

[via Slate, My Modern Met]
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