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Famous Brands Swap The Iconic Colors & Typography Of Their Logos

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Some companies have such iconic branding that a colour or typeface comes to be inextricably associated with it—for instance, the colour red is a major part of Coca-Cola’s brand identity.

In a recent article for website Round Peg, writer Jenna Giles experimented with swapping the colour and typography of well-known logos to find out what kind of effect the redesigned logos would have on the viewer.

Focusing on famous luxury fashion brands, she deliberately performed the swap on companies that could not be more different—one would be hard-pressed to find common ground between fashion behemoth Hermes and Dunkin' Donuts.

The results of these logo style swaps are awkward at best, proving that visual identity plays a huge part in how we perceive brands—fashion lovers would find it difficult to take Chanel seriously if it has a logo that is made with the child-like typeface from the Fisher Price logo.


What do you think of these swapped logos—and which brands would you like to see exchange their branding styles?

[via Round Peg]
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