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Captivating GIFs Of Old-School Gadgets Are A Trip Down Memory Lane

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We previously featured these charming minimalist LEGO models of retro gadgets.

Portland-based photographer Jim Golden has gone one step further in his nostalgia-inducing series titled ‘Relics of Technology’ that features captivating GIFs of old-school gadgets.

The simple but mesmerizing animations show a tape deck whirring away, a projector spinning and beaming light, and a rotary phone buzzing, and are guaranteed to take you back to a much simpler time.

In an interview with Engadget, Golden said he got the gadgets from thrift stores and friends. He was inspired by an image of old cell phones to explore “dead media and lost formats” in his series.

Check out his GIFs below and browse the full collection which includes still-life photos here.

Have you used any of these devices before?


[via Engadget, GIFs via Jim Golden]
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