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No More Fighting For Armrest Space On The Plane With This Clever Design

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Given the tight confines of the airplane cabin, every inch of space is precious real estate that will help to make your journey more comfortable. As such, the shared armrest between you and your flight neighbor is often a hotly contested area that neither of you would want to relinquish.

Hong Kong-based Paperclip Design Limited has come up with a clever concept that would eliminate the need to jostle for elbowroom on the plane—the Paperclip Armrest makes use of “the 3rd dimension” and doubles the space available with its two-decked design.

While one passenger rests her forearm on the lower deck, the other can prop hers on the higher one—this means that a single shared armrest can now comfortably accommodate two persons.

The basic concept of the Paperclip Armrest can be executed in various shapes, forms and materials—according to its creators, the only criteria that need to be met for it to remain functional is that “the two levels must be approximately three inches (7.5 cm) apart, with a roughly 8-inch (20cm) gap between backrest and the upper level”.


Learn more about this innovative and award-winning design concept here—would you like to see this installed on planes, trains and other modes of mass transport?

[via PSFK, Laughing Squid]
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