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Disney’s New 3D-Printing Technology Turns Any Object Into A Speaker

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Disney has developed a piece of 3D-printing technology that could turn objects of any shape and size into a speaker—instead of having a sound-emitting component, the entire surface of such objects would be able to emit sounds.

Technically, this means that any object around us would be able to “talk”—for instance, common household products like a chair or a mug can now interact with us as we use them.

According to Fast Co. Design, a potential use of this futuristic technology would be to cover every inch of a room’s walls, ceiling and floor to create a more immersive music experience for an audience.

To apply this technology, we have to thread a wire that carries an “electrical impulse of sound” through the object, before covering it with electrodes in order to charge “its skin with the potential to create sound”.


Read more about this exciting new invention here—or check out the original Disney Research paper by interaction designer Ivan Poupyrev here.

What uses can you think of for these 3D-printed interactive speakers.

[via Fast Co. Design]
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