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Email Your Luggage To Destination & 3D-Print Everything You Need For The Trip

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Can you imagine a world in the future where physical objects can be sent via the internet like music and images? In fact, current 3D-printing technology is already capable of turning this scenario into reality for today’s travelers.

3D-printing expert Janne Kyttanen’s latest project, titled “Lost Luggage”, consists of essential travel items that could be transported as digital files through email, ready to be produced on demand by 3D-printers at the final destination.

The collection is made up of nine items, including a carryall bag, a handbag, a dress that could be worn in four different ways, sunglasses and a Nooka watch—the resulting ensemble looks surprisingly chic, even if it is a tad on the futuristic side.

While it would be very convenient indeed to travel in this manner—one would never again have to experience long check-in queues or deal with excess baggage charges—we wonder what one would do with these 3D-printed items if they would like to have a hands-free return trip as well.

Although the technology has not been perfected for this function—for instance, can items like liquid toiletries be reproduced by 3D-printing?—it is still a thought-provoking project that questions our existing relationship with physical objects.


What do you think of this idea—would you like to send your luggage via email and have it 3D-printed when you arrive? View the video below to find out more about this intriguing concept.

[via Design Milk]
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