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Expanding Dress Gives Its Wearer More Personal Space In Crowded Public Places

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Jostling for space on crowded public transport is a common frustrating experience for urban-dwellers—for women, this can be especially problematic as they may have to guard against sexual harassment in the confined spaces.

Hong Kong-based artist Kathleen McDermott has created the “Personal Space Dress”, which has an expandable skirt that helps its wearer get more personal space. Proximity sensors would identify when someone is getting to close to the wearer and trigger the plastic scaffolding in the dress to extend outwards, thus expanding the hemline.

This project is the result of McDermott’s design explorations that aim to bring wearable technology out of the tech geek niche and into the mainstream, with functionalities that could be applied to the everyday.

Watch the video below to see this expanding dress in action—would you wear such a garment in order to get more personal space on the crowded subway?


[via Beautiful / Decay]
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