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Heartwarming Photos Of The Inseparable Friendship Between A Bear, Lion & Tiger

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Today’s dose of heartwarming animal news is bound to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If you thought a bear, a lion and a tiger couldn’t co-exist peacefully, the following story will make you think twice.

The ‘BLT’ are a trio comprising Baloo the American Black Bear, Leo the African Lion, and Shere Khan the Bengal Tiger. They live together in the same enclosure at Noah’s Ark, a non-profit animal sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia in the United States.

Back in 2001, the then-months-old cubs were discovered in the basement of an Atlanta home after a drug raid, and were brought to Noah’s Ark by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

All three were frightened, malnourished, and had wounds infected with parasites. Leo had an open wound on his nose from being confined in a small crate while Shere Khan was underweight and malnourished.

Baloo was in the worst condition of the three as he had a severely ingrown harness digging into his flesh. It was never loosened, which resulted in his flesh growing over and around it.

The bear required surgery to remove the harness and clean up his deep, infected wounds. It was the only time the trio had been separated.

The traumatic experience of their first few months led to a life-long bond between the unlikely friends. Now as healthy adults, they continue to eat, sleep and play together, and regularly groom each other.


Scroll down for more amazing pictures of the trio.

[via My Modern Met and Twisted Sifter, images by Noah’s Ark]
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