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Stressful Symbols On Tea Bags Transform Into Calming Ones When Put In Hot Water

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To bring across the message that its camomile tea has a wonderful calming effect, Malaysia-based tea company BOH came up with a creative campaign—it made tea bags with stressful symbols that would transform into calming ones when they are placed in hot water.

Using edible tea ink to print the original designs—including images of a thundercloud, an erupting volcano and an angry bear that represent a stressed person’s state of mind—these tea bags are the brainchild of M&C Saatchi, Malaysia.

When placed in hot water, the tea ink would dissolve and the image on the tea bag would change into a calming one—for instance, a dove or a scenic mountain.


In this case, the product also serves as the publicity medium. View the video below to see this brilliant tea bag in action.

[via Nae-Design’s blog]
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