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Turn Hair Loss Into Gold: Statement-Making Jewelry Made Of Real Hair

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If hair is so precious when it is on our heads, why should it become worthless when it has fallen out? “Advertising girl” Sine Marie Harwits is so attached to her hair that she “couldn’t just let it go to waste”—so she decided to make jewelry out of her fallen hair.

After collecting a sizeable amount of hair, she has accumulated enough material to start “Stranded Gold”, an online jewelry store that sells rings and earrings that are made with real blond hair.

While many people may think that wearing a strangers’ hair is a little creepy at best—Harwits thinks that “only her family members and her boyfriends are going to be her loyal customers”—some of these designs actually look wearable and even rather pretty.

View more images of Harwits’ unconventional jewelry designs here—would you buy jewelry that is made out of real hair?


[via Stranded Gold]
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