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LOL: A ‘Psychic Puppy’ Predicts Winners Of The World Cup Matches

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If you need help predicting which teams will win in the World Cup matches, Bailey the psychic puppy will help you with that.

In this video, she is placed on a podium in a brightly colored, plush-filled setting—she would then have to pick between two items representing different teams.

All of the 6 videos featuring this loveable psychic puppy are directed by George Wu of The Poundshop, animated and produced by studio Nexus. These videos would be released by The Huffington Post and the on Bailey's Twitter page over the next few weeks.

Although she isn't truly a psychic and her predictions should not be taken seriously, the video is still really fun to watch.

Watch the video below to see the puppy in action.


[via Its Nice That]
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