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Dramatic & Surreal Portraits That Evoke Fantasy Worlds

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20-year-old German photographer Katharina Jung takes dramatic, surreal portraits that have an otherworldly feel.

Jung creates them with the help of clever photo manipulation and a sophistication that belies her tender age.

She photographs herself and models floating in midair, pulling on clouds, and diving underwater.

Bold and captivating, her dreamy compositions evoke fantasy worlds that lure you into their rich visual narratives.

According to an interview with Lens People, photography helps her cope with intense feelings. “Maybe it’s heartbreak, fear of loss, oppression—the photographer communicates with the viewer. I can say that I’m trying to convert my emotions into images. And that helps me a lot to deal with them.”

Jung is currently half-way through a 52-week project in which she creates an image a week in 2014.

Check out more of her work at her website, and follow her project on Facebook or Flickr.


[via My Modern Met and my darkened eyes, images via Katharina Jung]
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