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A House With The Facade Of A Crisp White Sheet Of Paper With A Folded Edge

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In Kyoto, Japan, a two-storey house with the unique facade of a crisp white sheet of paper folded at a corner sits in a neighbourhood known as Gion.

It is known as the ‘F-House’, and it is designed by Japanese architect Yukio Hashimoto.

Its folded corner evokes an association with the traditional art of origami, Japanese paper folding. According to Hashimoto, "the simple fold is intended to provide buoyancy to the simple wall surface which would otherwise seem closed and weighty."

The interior of the house follows the rules of traditional Japanese architecture, with no visible windows, but an internal courtyard that hides an inner garden, surrounded by glazing.

Hashimoto also added that "this residence has a simple and modern structure but its essence is in passing on architectural space that is traditional to Japan".


View more images of the F-House below:

[via Dezeen, images via Yoshio Shiratori]
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