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A Smart Bluetooth Padlock That Keeps Your Items Secure Without Keys Or Codes

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With this smart padlock, you no longer need to worry about keeping keys or memorizing numerical combinations to unlock it.

Created by design team FÜZ Designs, ‘Noke’ is dubbed as the world’s first bluetooth padlock that keeps your valuable items safe—it can only be locked and unlocked via an app installed in your smartphone.

Once Noke detects your smartphone via Bluetooth, simply press the padlock’s shackle to unlock it.

You can also program it to unlock in advance—Noke instantly unlocks itself when it locates your smartphone, up to a distance of 10 feet.

Even if your smartphone runs out of battery, the Noke can still be used. Its “quick-click” technology allows the padlock to be unlocked through a series of customized clicks created by the user.

Take a look at Noke, which has successfully reached its Kickstarter goal, in the video below.


[via Gizmodo, Images via FÜZ Designs and Kickstarter]
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