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The Hershey Company Introduces A New Logo Design With A Modern Identity

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The Hershey Company has unveiled a new logo design by Ron Burrage, Senior Director Global Head of Design for Hershey, together with Ohio-based goDutch, and a custom typeface by New York-based Alexander Design Associates.

The logo was redesigned to represent the company’s evolution from a predominantly US chocolate maker, to a global confection company—housing over 80 individual brands, such as Reese’s, Kisses, Twizzlers and more.

The new logo was designed with the same elements as its previous logo—on its famous Hershey’s chocolate bar with its background removed. The words are now more easily recognizable, and the Hershey Kiss icon has been stripped off its foil wrapper and given a modern interpretation.

The logo is complimented by a new visual identity system, incorporating colors and patterns of its iconic brands into its visual materials.

Scroll down to view the newly designed logo and company’s visual materials, or click here to read more.


New Logo

New ‘Milton’ typeface by Alexander Design Associates

Kiss icon detail

Branded icon

Business cards


[via Underconsideration]
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