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GIFs Depicting Online Memories That Live On After A Heartbreak

“We have parted. Our ties are severed. But the Internet remembers us.”

In a project titledUser Experience of a Heartbreak’, artist and designer Sarah K Hallacher used GIFs to capture her online experience that changed after a breakup.

From tagged photos that disappeared on Instagram to online conversation archives, Hallacher created a GIF for each scenario, depicting how individuals in a relationship have their lives intertwined in various unimaginable ways.

Individuals can enter any search term on the faux Google search page, which will turn up auto-suggestions that result in a specific GIF when selected.

Hallacher told Fast Company, “My goal was to pinpoint the exact place where something might feel painful for a moment. I was trying to capture both the technology and the experience of it.”

She also added, “If you’re not speaking to a person, you don’t know why they are taking these actions online. The online version of their action is very dry and cold, without context. I just wanted to highlight that. The computer is just a computer, and it doesn’t feel sorry for you.”

Scroll down for some GIFs below, and head on over here to try it out for yourself.

[via Fast Company, images via Sarah K Hallacher]
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