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TAXI Chatter: ‘Mad Men’, ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Steve Jobs’, & More

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Image via TiVo

Just like how a chat with a cab driver gives you a quick overview of major happenings in the city, we round up stories that have taken center stage in our conversations this week.

After a seven-year run, AMC’s Mad Men came to a close on Sunday.

The popular series had not only fans bidding their farewells, major brands also took to Twitter to pay tribute to Don Draper and company.

Image via Coca-Cola

If you’re suffering from Mad Men withdrawal, here’s one last look at some of the memorable quotes from the series.

Roger (Season 4, Episode 5)
Image via Mashable, Mad Men/AMC, Lionsgate Television

In line with the advertising spirit, video sharing site YouTube wants you to pick your favorite ad in celebration of its 10th anniversary.

Image via Volvo Trucks

A YouTube video had the Internet abuzz with anticipation earlier this week—behind-the-scenes footage from next year’s cinema flick, Suicide Squad. A new collection of photos from the film has also been released.

Another silver screen celluloid that many are looking forward to is the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, which teases with the unveiling of Michael Fassbender as the Apple CEO.

Image via Collider Videos

Other than Fassbender from the X-Men movies, Marvel character Iron Man also made headlines with this funny photo series that imagines the superhero struggling with everyday problems.

Image via Iron Man Grounded

Perhaps Robert Downey Jr, who plays Iron Man, is feeling so troubled because his Twitter world record has been overtaken by President Obama. The US president has amassed one million Twitter followers in under five hours, outperforming Robert Downey Jr’s same feat in under 24 hours.

Image via President Obama

Maybe the next candidate who’s looking to break the cyberworld record can take a leaf out of Delta Airlines’ book—using every Internet meme possible in its flight safety video to grab your attention and eyeballs.

Image via Delta
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