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TAXI Chatter: Drawings For People Who Love Sleep, PANTONE Café, Ambivert, More

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Image via Landysh Akhmetzyanova

Just like how a chat with a cab driver gives you a quick overview of major happenings in the city, we round up stories that have taken center stage in our conversations this week.

Ever had days when you just want to avoid people and snooze all day long?

Artist Landysh Akhmetzyanova understands that feeling all too well with her adorably amusing illustrations that individuals who love sleep can identify with.

Image via Landysh Akhmetzyanova

On such lazy days, you might want to check out this work from home excuse generator by product manager Christina Ng.

Image via WFH.Ninja

While you’re at it, why not give this new Google feature a try? It lets you know when to avoid the crowds, and possibly anyone you don’t feel like seeing, at your favorite places.

Image via Google

Also, how about giving this PANTONE café a visit to indulge the color fan in you?

Image by Monaco Restaurant Group

Because coffee seems like a better option than Coke, according to this infographic.

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version
Image via Truth Theory

But hey, with all that talk about crowd avoidance, it doesn’t mean you’re an introvert. Perhaps you’re an ambivert, which you can find out with this quiz.

Image via Quiet Revolution

And maybe occasionally embrace and let out the extrovert side of you with this catchy pop song by YouTube user Dave Days, derived from Shia LaBeouf’s intense motivational speech.

May August be a fulfilling fresh start for you!
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