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What The Shape Of Your Lips Says About Your Personality

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Image: Ivana Bubanj

According to face reading expert and author Jean Haner, the shape of your lips says a lot about your personality.

In a Cosmopolitan article, she explains the various lip shapes and what they say about you.

Thin top and bottom lips

Having thin top and bottom lips means you are probably a loner and am comfortable with being alone.


Naturally full top and bottom lips

If you have naturally full lips, you might have a strong maternal instinct and caring personality. You are probably someone who puts others first and seeks close friendships with people.

Lips with a peaked Cupid’s Bow

Having lips with a well-defined Cupid’s Bow may mean you are creative, a good communicator, and have a quick-thinking personality. Due to your highly reactive nature, you might not think before you speak.

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[via Cosmopolitan, image via IMGembed]
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