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Red Dot Award: Results of Communication Design 2006

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Quiet, subtle works win over expert jury
The results of the red dot award: communication design 2006 have been finalised. This year, the jury consisting of nine international design experts had to judge the design quality of 3,708 entries from 31 nations. Two hundred and ten works received an award, twenty-four of them a 'red dot: best of the best' for outstanding and path-breaking design achievements. In the field of the honorary prizes the suspense remains because the award winners of the honorary award 'red dot: grand prix', which is awarded to the best work of each category, as well as the 'red dot: junior prize' worth 10,000 euros (instead of 2,000 euros in the previous years) for the best student work will be announced no earlier than 8 December 2006 at the festive award ceremony in the Essen Philharmonic Concert Hall.

From 9 December 2006 to 7 January 2007, all award-winning works will be presented to the interested public in a special exhibition at the Essen red dot design museum.

Less is more
Even though according to the jury the quality of the 3,078 entries was consistently high, the percentage of entries, which finally received an award is only slightly above 5 percent. "The outstanding works of this competition are quiet but subtle; they are touching and get under one's skin with wit and humour," Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator of the red dot design award, sums up the results of the competition. "Due to the richness of possibilities, good communication design has to combine a clear line and an individual touch in order to be able to reach the addressee with the message that needs to be conveyed in the work," explains Zec. Following the motto "Less is more" good communication design has to be above all informative and functional, while translating complex matters into a clear language of forms.


Emotional design also for business reports
This also applies when companies communicate with their customers or investors: According to the jury an emotional appeal in business is useful even in the case of business reports. Among this year's entries are fresh approaches with a lot of humour, in which design merges perfectly with the company's ideology. Humanity comes first and design makes it possible to give the company a reputable and likable appearance in public.

Nominated for the red dot: junior prize
The following four nominees can have hopes for the prize-money of 10,000 euros, which the winner of the red dot junior prize will receive:

- Martin Gorka from Offenbach for "Erdzeiten - Atlas der Paläogeografie"
("Times of the Earth - Atlas of Paleogeography")
- Christof Nardin from Vienna for his poster "The Essence 2006"
- Catrin Sonnabend from Offenbach for the newspaper "Hier + Jetzt. 64
Anregungen zur Zeitverschwendung" ("Here + Now. 64 Suggestions on How to
Waste Time")
- Wolfram Wiedner from Vienna for the website
- Diana Zima from Dortmund for her book "Königskinder - Für die perfekte
Familie" ("Royal Children - for the Perfect Family")

Award ceremony and special exhibition
The award-winners will be honoured at the festive award ceremony in the Essen Philharmonic Concert Hall and the opening of the special exhibition in the red dot design museum on 8 December 2006. From 9 December 2006 to 7 January 2007, the exhibition will present all award-winning entries in the red dot design museum.

Documentation on the competition
Just in time for the award ceremony the "red dot communication design yearbook 2006/2007" will be published. The yearbook has managed to become an established reference work of current design. This year, the yearbook will be for the first time published by the in-house publishing company, the red dot edition, with a new, extended concept.
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