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The Rotten Eggheads Animation Contest 2006

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Don‚t be the Rotten Egg! So animate the Rotten Eggheads with YOUR Spirit!

The Rotten Eggheads ˆ five unique characters starring in the homonymous open
end animation series known from the MTV Load project and honoured with
numerous awards. The starring characters have two things in common: an
enormous egghead and a fragile fate. At the end of each episode at least one
egghead breaks. A new episode of this series goes online on every Friday themed: „Weak! Every Week!‰.

Now YOUR ideas are wanted! Surprise the ever growing Rotten
Eggheads-audience with your own episode and broaden the repertoire of their
bizarre fates. He who brings one of the characters to the head-break in the
most imaginative and funny will win the competition and catch the cash!


The designer of the best episode will earn 3000$ and as the winner doesn‚t
take it all, the second prize is endowed with 1000$. The third place will
still be rewarded with remarkable 500 $.

Additionally everyone who makes it into the vote will receive a Rotten
Eggheads TˆShirt exclusively designed for this purpose.

The jury is composed of the participants, so the winner will be nominated
from nobody else but you! First of all Instant will pick their favourite
animations but then the designers of the contributions will be questioned to
choose the best and have the final word.
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